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Fokofpolisiekar was formed in 2003 when a group of friends from Bellville (South Africa) decided to start an Afrikaans rock band. The sound was fresh and very different from the Afrikaans rock pioneers that had gone before.

In the 21 years since their inception, they have reached cult status in their home country and have become a household name. The band is based in Bellville, South Africa. Fokofpolisiekar has become known for their explosive live performances and raw on-stage energy. Controversial and ever-questioning in their lyrics, the band has generated much controversy in the South African media. The band has, however, garnered accolades from the Afrikaans literary community for the powerful conveyance of their intelligent, poetic and honest-to-the-bone lyrics. Their continued success and ever-growing popularity which transcends class, age and race bears testimony to their artistic substance and social impact and to being far more than just an outrageous name. Fokofpolisiekar has released 5 full-length albums, 5 EPs, 2 live albums and 3 singles in total.

All five band members have also founded ground-breaking acts that explore different genres, including, Die Heuwels Fantasties (electro-pop), AKING (melodic Rock) and Van Coke Kartel (alternative).